This is the very first website that is 100% dedicated to recycling & refilling your franking machine ink cartridges.

  • ✔ Royal Mail approved Red & Blue Ink!
  • ✔ Convert your old red cartridge to the new "Smart Blue" ink (smart franking machines only)
  • ✔ Cash Paid for your old cartridges! Sell Us Your Franking Ink
  • ✔ 48 Hour Franking Ink Refill Service!
  • ✔ 100 % guaranteed to offer the same quality and yield as an original cartridge!

All of our franking ink used in our recycling service is Royal Mail Approved. Royal Mail have performed extensive tests on our ink including many thousands of impressions from most of the Franking Machines available in the market today in addition to models dating back up to 10 years. All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mails high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines. Before testing, all Approved cartridges gained CE approval and accreditation as part of the very stringent Royal Mail approval process. Mailcoms are one of only two independent companies to gain this coveted approval in the world!!

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Refilling Ink Cartridges


Here at Franking Cartridge Recycling, we refill and recycle your franking ink cartridges. To do this however, there is a specific process we use. We firstly check and test the cartridge that you provide to us, we will then refill your cartridge with Royal Mail Approved ink and then we will test the refilled cartridge to ensure it is fully compatible and working.

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Mailhub Franking Machine


Here at Franking Cartridge Recycling, we don"t just focus on refilling your ink cartridges, we can also offer you our other services. Other services that we can offer your business include our own range of low cost franking machines and folding inserting machines as well as offering even more franking machine consumables for a range of franking machines.

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Why Choose Us?

  • ✔ All of our franking machine ink is Royal Mail approved, guaranteeing it to work in your franking machine!
  • ✔ We are the UK"s Most Loved franking machine supplier in the UK for the previous 4 years, as voted for by you.
  • ✔ We will refill a range of franking ink cartridges, all of which are listed on this website!
  • ✔ We offer a 48 hour franking ink refill service that is one of a kind!
  • ✔ We will even buy your old ink cartridges of you for CASH today!

About Us

Franking Cartridge Recycling was designed to offer you a alternative and cheaper way of buying franking ink. Instead of purchasing new and original ink cartridges at high prices, you can purchase a more environmentally friendly ink via Franking Cartridge Recycling. This is the first website off its kind to solely focus on recycling franking machine cartridges.


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