Franking Cartridge Recycling

Franking Cartridge RecyclingAre you Recycling & Refilling your Franking Machine Ink Cartridges?
Large franking machine manufacturers are happy for you to keep purchasing new and original ink cartridges at a high price. Not only is this expensive but also not very environmentally friendly. This is the first website of its kind solely dedicated to recycling your franking machine cartridges!

Franking Cartridge Recycling
After years of leading the way in franking cartridge recycling / refilling we have recently invested heavily in to new purpose built, bespoke high production franking machine ink cartridge refilling machines.
Franking Cartridge Recycling
Why waste money on expensive franking machine ink cartridges when you can refill / recycle with Royal Mail approved ink, save money and help the environment at the same time.
Franking Cartridge Recycling
As our ink is approved by the Royal Mail, we ensure that every refilled / recycled franking machine ink cartridge is tested thoroughly in the franking machine that the cartridge is intended for.

Welcome To Franking Cartridge Recycling

This is the very first website that is 100% dedicated to recycling & refilling your franking machine ink cartridges.

  • Royal Mail approved Red & Blue Ink!
  • Convert your old red cartridge to the new "Smart Blue" ink (smart franking machines only)
  • Cash Paid for your old cartridges! Sell Us Your Franking Ink
  • 48 Hour Franking Ink Refill Service!
  • 100 % guaranteed to offer the same quality and yield as an original cartridge!

All of our franking ink used in our recycling service is Royal Mail Approved. Royal Mail have performed extensive tests on our ink including many thousands of impressions from most of the Franking Machines available in the market today in addition to models dating back up to 10 years. All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mails high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines. Before testing, all Approved cartridges gained CE approval and accreditation as part of the very stringent Royal Mail approval process. Mailcoms are one of only two independent companies to gain this coveted approval in the world!!

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Our Products

Neopost Refill Service

Neopost Recycling / Refilling Service

Refill your Neopost Ink Cartridge with our very own and exclusive recycling & Refilling Service. We offer our service for the following Neopost franking machine models: IJ25, Autostamp, MSL250, Ij30, Ij35, IJ40, IJ45, IJ50, MSL350, IJ65, IJ70, IS240, IS280, IS330, IS350, IS420, IS460 & IS480.

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Frama Refill Service

Frama Recycling / Refilling Service

Refill your Frama Ink Cartridge with our very own and exclusive recycling & Refilling Service. We offer our service for the following Frama franking machine models: Mailspirit, Accessmail, Ecomail, Officemail, Matrix F2, Matrix F4 & F6.

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FP Mailing Refill Service

FP Mailing Recycling / Refilling Service

Refill your FP Mailing Ink Cartridge with our very own and exclusive recycling & Refilling Service. We offer our service for the following FP Mailing franking machine models: FP Mymail, FP Ultimail, FP Postbase Qi3, Qi4, Qi6 & Qi9.

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