Franking Ink Refilling Process

Cartridge Checking & Testing

Cartridge Checking & Testing

To start the franking ink refilling process, we will check the ink cartridges condition and its printhead condition to ensure that the provided ink cartridge can be refilled, reset and prints high quality franking impressions.

Refilling Machine

Refill The Ink Cartridge

Once the ink cartridge has been checked and tested, our in house engineers will carefully and expertly inject Royal Mail Approved franking machine ink. This will be done under vacuum so that our customers experience no leakage or contamination. The units used are specially adapted to fit each individual model & cartridge to ensure its integrity.

Testing The Franking Ink Cartridge


Once refilled and completed, the franking ink cartridge is tested to make sure the print quality is perfect. We test every refilled ink cartridge in the franking machine that it is intended for. This can seen by the image below. Each test print will be sent to you along with the ink cartridge for your own personal satisfaction.

Franking Ink Refill Process